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NEW RELEASES IN English SINCE November 2014

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cover Initiation into Yoga
— Selections from the Works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
ISBN: 978-81-7060-366-5
Available since 10-Jan-2015
Binding: Soft Cover
Pages: 50
Price: Rs 30


cover Sri Aurobindo and the Hoogly Conference
— Trija Roy
Available since 25-Dec-2014
Binding: Soft Cover
Pages: 43
Price: Rs 50

Drawing on personal accounts by the participants, contemporary newspaper and journal articles, and archival notes and documents published in research journals, the author provides a brief history of the Hooghly Conference held in September 1909, which Sri Aurobindo attended as an elected delegate and leader of the Nationalist wing of the Congress Party. He describes Sri Aurobindo’s leadership and his efforts to forge unity within the party without sacrificing the ideal of complete independence for India.


cover Sri Aurobindo's Message
15 August 1947
— Sri Aurobindo
ISBN: 978-93-5210-073-6
Available since 03-Dec-2014
Binding: Soft Cover
Pages: 5
Price: Rs 10

In response to a request from All India Radio, Sri Aurobindo gave a message to mark 15 August 1947, the day of India’s independence. This message to his countrymen spoke of five dreams that he had worked for, and which he now saw on the way to fulfilment. The realisation of these dreams would mark the beginning of a new age, not only for India but for the entire world, “for the political, social, cultural and spiritual future of humanity”.


cover India and Her Destiny
— Compiled from the Writings of the Mother
ISBN: 978-93-5210-074-3
Available since 03-Dec-2014
Binding: Soft Cover
Pages: 41
Price: Rs 18

Compiled from the writings of the Mother, this booklet speaks of India’s soul and its mission to act as spiritual guru to the world, the significance of India’s freedom, its division, and its path to unity, India’s true genius and her destiny, and some notes on Indian culture.


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